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Boho bags

Boho bags
★ I started making bags for my personal use guided my style.
★ Within the friendly environment,there has been great interesting in my bags so began the first order.
★ Ther is a strong element of handmade and bohemian character.
★ Each design is unique and there is no reproduction.
★ Another element that makes my bags unique!
boho bag Cyclades02 boho bag Cyclades02
Out Of Stock
handmade boho bag , embroidered in the hand with the technique of cross stitch , design inspired by the art of Cycladic islands.DIMENSIONS : 23 cm H , 30 cm W CARE : dry clean only..
Ex Tax:150.00€
pouch bag roses pouch bag roses
Out Of Stock
cotton lining pom pom details zip closure DIMENSIONS  : 12 CM W , 19 CM H CARE : dry clean only..
Ex Tax:20.00€
pouch bag indie pouch bag indie
Out Of Stock
cotton yarn handmade embroidered bottom cotton cord shoulder strap DIMENSIONS : 25 CM W , 20CM H CARE : dry clean only..
Ex Tax:45.00€
pouch bag knossos pouch bag knossos
Out Of Stock
handmade cross stitch embroidered bag linen , cotton fabric cotton decorative tassel brass bell zip closure DIMENSIONS : 17 CM W , 23 CM H CARE : dry clean only..
Ex Tax:55.00€
cotton yarn silk fabrics shoulder strap 49 CM DIMENSIONS : 20 CM W , 28 CM H CARE : dry clean only..
Ex Tax:35.00€
crochet bag fine yarns wooden beads DIMENSIONS : 32 CM W , 32 CM H CARE : dry clean only..
Ex Tax:67.00€
purse Serifos purse Serifos
Out Of Stock
traditional small purse , style called " tagari " greek traditional textile handmade cotton cord strap beaded detail DIMENSIONS : 12 CM W , 16 CM H CARE : dry clean only..
Ex Tax:18.00€
boho bag flowers boho bag flowers
Out Of Stock
handmade boho bag called " tagari " , inspired by greek traditional cotton canvas fabric cross stich embroidery shoulder strap , cotton cord cotton liningDIMENSIONS : 19 CM W , 27 CM H..
Ex Tax:58.00€
Mykonos boho bag Mykonos boho bag
Out Of Stock
greek traditional handmade boho bag called " tagari ", cross stitch embroidery embroidered linen fabric , denim cotton shoulder strap DIMENSIONS : 32 CM W , 42 CM H inner case : 28,5CM W , 21,5 H..
Ex Tax:130.00€
                         handmade crochet pouch bag , inspired from Mexican technique fine cotton yarn adjustable shoulder strap crossbody DIMENSIONS : 17CM W , 21CM H CARE : handw..
Ex Tax:45.00€
                    handmade crochet bag velvet yarn cotton cord DIMENSIONS : 40CM W , 38CM H CARE : handwash only with mild cleanser..
Ex Tax:68.00€
boho bag Matala boho bag Matala
In Stock
handmade tagari bag woven fabric eye decorative element , embroidered by hand cotton pom - poms DIMENSIONS : 40 CM H , 34 CM W inner case : 20 CM H , 24 CM W..
Ex Tax:48.00€
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