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About 2GWorkshop

In Themistokleous ,the lively street that leads to Exarcheia square,discover a small and beautiful shop with the personal handmade creations by Gogo Griva.Handmade objects, jewelry , accessories , boho bags , beach bags , clutches , wallets that will not find elsewhere . Small minimal artistic iron constructions and sculptures by Babis Manis.


At the hart of Athens , Themistokleous 49 street that leads to Exarcheia square , just a few minutes walk  from Omonoia metro station , opposite of preserved surviving folk house on the corner with Tzavella street.


Minimal industrial aesthetic with clean lines intertwined with the bohemian compositions of the creator. Designed both by hand and set up  with the personal work by Gogo's artistic blacksmith husband Babis Manis.Clear presentation that emphasizes the uniqueness of the objects , electro idm music , fresh plants , beautiful lightning , upcycled details in the decoration that fits with Exarcheia aura.


Each design is unique and ther is no reproduction ,using unique , vintage and high quality materials with hand knitting techniques ( macrame , needles , crochet ) , jewelry , accessories , objects.

Materials - silver , metalls , vintage fabrics , silk , leather.

Boho bags , beach bags , clutches , wallets , Objects.

Creativity and unconventionality combined in the small attic workshop , to find something that beatify our daily and those who love.


Starting from 5 euros in simply jewelry , prices vary depending on the indentity of the items.

Very special and one-of handmade bags from 35 euros.


The artistic iron sculpture entitled < demonstration >

The update e shop that you can order , if you are away from artistic cauldron of Exarcheia.

2Gworkshop jewelry is the inspiration , the experimentation through the combination of diverse materials , the handmade that causes a special  feeling and makes it unique , not an object of value.